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Watermelon Festival

July 22, 2023

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Live Music

We have a full day of music planned! Here's your chance to spend a fun day at the farm. Get away for the day, Bring your lawn chairs and come on out and enjoy a day of watermelon and music. And don't forget, some of our fun attractions will be open like the go-karts and the Silver Spur Roller Coaster. (Hawes carnival area will be closed.)

Who's Playing


We have a list of fun and family oriented entertainment this year, so bring everyone including grandma to the Watermelon Festival. Below are some of the planned activities.

  • Watermelon Eating Contest

  • Watermelon Wine Tasting Experience

  • Watermelon Seed Bucket Challenge


More activities to be announced at the Watermelon Festival!

Image by Abigail Miller


Q: Will all of the rides be open at this event?

A: Some of our attractions, such as the Ferris Wheel and the Scrambler, are ‘Coming Soon’ - but our farm favorites such as the Kiddie Coaster, Zip-Line and Farm Trains are all open. The Go-Karts will be open in the evening, however, to avoid overheating. 

Q: Do the activities cost extra?

A: The ticketed contests are based off of a free raffle giveaway throughout the event. These are free tickets, included with your price of admission. There are retail and food vendors on-site, who will be selling items for an additional cost. Amusements / rides will also be an additional cost.

Q: What does the ticket price actually cover?

A: The ticket price gets you access to the entire day's musical line-up, as well as the access to periodic free ticket raffles for contests and giveaways throughout the day-long event. It also includes $4 in "Hawes Bucks" which can be used toward rides. It also includes a yummy slice of our watermelon.

Q: Are Children Under 3 priced at $8 Admission.

A: No, children under 3 are free admission! "Kids" 10 and under, are priced at $8 admission and Adults are priced at $12 admission (Or ages 11 and up!). Children under 3 are free admission. 

Q: What should I bring to this event?

A: Sunscreen! Appropriate footwear! (If you're picking melons, please remember this is a farm.) Also, wear loose fitting clothes. Bottled water (we’ll be making water available throughout the festival space, free of charge). Lawn chairs and/or a blanket to enjoy the bands! Your ID, some spending money (how much? It’s up to you! We’ll have craft vendors, food vendors and rides available for purchase!) Your cell phone! (Take pictures to share!).

Q: How long is this event?

A: Gates open at 11am and the grounds close at 11pm, at that time - we’ll be asking everyone to exit the farm and get to their next destinations/homes safely.

Watermelon Wine Tasting Event Questions

Q: Is there an age restriction for attending the Watermelon Wine Tasting Event?

A: Yes, the Watermelon Wine Tasting Event is open to individuals aged 21 and above, as it involves the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Please ensure you have a valid ID confirming your age for entry and participation.

​Q: Can I bring my children to the Watermelon Festival?

A: Absolutely! The Watermelon Festival at Historic Hawes Ranch welcomes guests of all ages. However, please note that the Watermelon Wine Tasting Event specifically is restricted to individuals aged 21 and above due to the inclusion of alcoholic beverages.

Q: Are there any additional costs to attend the Watermelon Wine Tasting Event?

A: No, you will have free access to the event if your raffle ticket is selected. Free raffle tickets are given out randomly for contest participation and at the entrance of the Watermelon Festival. The tasting experience, paired watermelon creations, and wines are all included with a winning raffle ticket.


However, if you're looking to sample wines without participating in the tasting event, local vendors will offer wine for purchase by the bottle and by the cup at the event.

Q: Can I purchase tickets for the Watermelon Wine Tasting Event in advance?


A: As this is a free raffle-based event, tickets cannot be purchased in advance. However, by attending the Watermelon Festival at Historic Hawes Ranch, you will have the opportunity to secure a ticket through the free raffle or win one as a contest prize or surprise within the event.

Q: What time is the watermelon eating contest?

A: The watermelon eating contest is for kids only and starts at 2 p.m.

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