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Bring your clients to Hawes Farms

Whether you're taking family photos or scheduling mini sessions, we have a location for you. Our fee is $75 per one-hour session. We are offering 2 time slots per hour.  Please, no more than one photographer per time slot.


Sunflower Sessions-Blooms Should Last Thru the End of September


Option 1: Saturday - Sunday

(Park is OPEN - Sunflower Field Open)

1 Hour  Session

Free General Admission for Photographer

Your clients will need to pay general admission.

Option 2 - Monday - Friday

(Park is CLOSED - Sunflower Field Open)

1 Hour Session

Your clients will NOT pay general admission.


Our sunflowers will only be in bloom for two weeks.

PLEASE book your sessions accordingly! Also, we are a farm. As such, our fields can be muddy. Please bring extra shoes!


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